Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is Ray McCauley a Liar?

A few weeks ago Ray McCauley and Rehma church were criticised by many for politicising the church of God when they invited Jacob Zuma to address the congregation. Many people walked out, believing that the church is a place of worship for God, and not a place of political fronting.

Many blogs post, including my own, were written criticising the actions of McCauley and Rehma. When interviewed by 702, McCauley said that all political parties were welcome in his church and he would consider other political parties to give an address to the congregation and he would afford them the same opportunity as he did Zuma and the ANC.

Other political parties, including Holomisa’s UDM, and the ACDP called on Rhema’s senior pastor Ray McCauley to accord them the same platform.

The Rhema Bible Church has turned down United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa’s and other political parties request to speak from its pulpit.

“Frankly, it begs a question about the integrity of some church leaders who decide for their congregations which political parties they should support or be exposed to,” Holomisa said in his letter.

Ray McCauley where you lying? Are you selective in you political parties, and who you allow to speak from a political point of view? Why not allow other political parties the same time you afforded Zuma.

McCauley said that he and Rehma do not endorse any political party. Why them be selective as to who you allow to preach from your pulpit? Afford the other parties the same time.

"If you want to be viewed as independent and unbiased it is a simple choice: either you allow equitable election campaigning from your podium or you don't allow any campaigning."

Many people are noticeably upset at the double standard that McCauley and Rhema have taken.

"McCauley is a power-hungry, egocentric and arrogant individual. Come on now – don’t for a minute think Zuma was invited out of the goodness of McCauley’s heart – there is a hidden agenda. Anyone, apart from those innocent congregants that believe all they see and hear on Sunday, that has had any dealings with “HyperRhema” will know this to be true….just a pity that the truth about this organization never comes out – (Money buys silence). Bantu do you really want to share the platform with the like of McCauley, he couldn't spell integrity with the help of his entire board." - David.

I would encourage true Christians around the country to pray for our leaders. The Bible encourages us to "pray with out ceasing". We also need to pray for those whom we believe have done contrary to biblical teaching.

As for the state of our churches we surely need to echo 1Th 5:25 Brethren, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I live in Israel and have done for 3 years now, I was an Elder at Rhema for 8 years before moving here, I know Ray McCauley personaly and can tell you that he is one of the most missunderstood people in SA, he certainly does NOT have a hidden agenda and he just seeks to love and pray for the Presidents of the Country. Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki sought his counsel at certain sensitive times in their Presinencies, Ray would well have understood that all indications would have pointed to the fact that Jacob Zuma would be the next President and would make himself available to counsel with him if Mr Zuma ever would feel that he needed or wanted Ray's counsel, Mr Zuma would have been very aware that Ray had been approached by his predecessors on various occasions for Godly counsel, so it would be normal for him to seek to build a relationship with Ray McCauley.
Let us pray that if Now President Zuma, ever seeks Ray's counsel, that Ray would speak only what he would hear from God, for the good of South Africa.

Blessings from Israel,


Brian Cape.

The Sword of the Spirit said...

I am an active member of Rhema and our Pastor has always been actively involved with politics in South Africa and will be in the future , what Pst Ray did was pray for President Zuma which is commanded in the word and he did just that,Lets all pray for our country and trust God that He will touch our Presidents heart

Mark said...

It's easy to criticise? I would love to have achieved half the things a man like McCauley has, despite his faults. If only evangelical Christianity was the biggest problem in the world today ;-)

Robert Bravery said...

It might be true that Ray McCaukey has achieved some great things. But as a minister of Truth, he is obligated to stand up or that truth and not distort it.
One sin is all it takes get you into hell no matter how much good you do in the world.

Mark said...

Robert, we are all human and are all fallible, just like RMC. We are also told to "Judge not lest we be judged", and "In the same way we show mercy, mercy will be shown to us". If there is one thing I am thankful for its God's mercy and grace. Casting aspersions about the life of another human being is quite frankly un-Christian. When we all stand before God one day and give account, the last thing I need is to have pride and the judging of other on my hands. Anyway, lets not sling. God bless brother.

Robert Bravery said...


We as Christians are commanded to point out another persons sin, no matter how difficult.
You are correct, mud slinging is not Christian.
I appreciate you comments and thank you for you godly attitude.

Anonymous said...

McCauley is a power-hungry psychopath aspiring to be something more than a two-bit con-artist! What a slimeball, go sell second hand cars like you're supposed to!

Anonymous said...

My name Nasson and currently live Botswana as a citizen by birth, however i have lived in South Africa and was born again in Rhema.
I am shocked at your idea of publishing such malicious message for the world to see. First is your disrespect for people and their names, if you were really concerned about worthy issues, you would have considered at least respect...what is that "rehma" non sense you wrote?
Why don't you at least keep this local and not give your own country respect...fool! Are you not aware of the World Cup just around the corner? What impression are you giving, you son of a snake?
Put this foolishniss out of you...or you will just need a rod to kick it out you.
Iam glad you are not Motswana, why don't you go and tell him and not play you silly coward?
Some people indeed need a physical slap.

Robert Bravery said...

@Nasson or @Anonymous,

It is unclear who your comment is directed towards. But I suggest that if indeed you are christian, that this kind of behaviour cease.
You display anger, Malice, and deciet. Your behaviour is not christian at all, but can be compared to heathen ungodly savages.
If you truly are a christian and save, I would suggest your ask God for forgiveness.
IF you dissagree with this post or any commetn made herein, then I would suggest a calm Biblical response.

Sandman said...

Ray McCauley does not fulfill/qualify the for the role of pastor/bishop. He was already divorced. He is a government bootlicker so he has not to pay tax.

Anonymous said...

Nassan was talking to the guy that said RMC should go and sell second hand Cars.

With all do respect to the others, Nassan I think you showed anger that Jesus would have done.

Who are we to speak down the the Lords anointed one.

For all you guy's out there that is a follower of Christ: Don't you know that if you don't have relationship with someone, you are not allowed to say things to down the person. If you have respect for Gods chosen one, RMC, please make an appointment to chat with him.

For all of you who say negative stuff, you are condemning yourself because the spirit of God does not allow such thing. You can be 100% correct and at the same time 100% wrong.

Be careful when you utter thins because with our mouth we bless and curse.

It does not work that way in Gods kingdom.

Pleas use words to encourage and uplift people otherwise be silent.

Chris Loubser
Follower of Christ, and He has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor :)

don't be arrogant.

Blessings to all in the name of Jesus, the ONE who died for you and me.

Lets stand together for Love covers a multitude of sin.

Peace to all of you.

Anonymous said...

We cannot judge, that is for God to decide. What does bother me is the fact that Ray said at one stage we, including himself, are concerned for the state or future of our country, how can we be concerned? If we believe & trust in God, we need not be concerned, He will run our country & the world as he sees fit, but we've got to believe, something we just pretend to do! God does not make our lives complicated, we do, by not believing or trusting Him fully! You cannot conn God!! He sees everything!

Would you harm your child? Neither would God!! Problems or setbacks, thank God, its just a life lesson, if we trust & thank him for these things also, ask for His hand, He will lead us out of these 'bad' times to, just dont set ultimatims or test God. Respect, Love & Honnour God with Trust & He will lead the way!!