Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrong report cards given to matric students.

So your child brings home their report card at the end of last year. To your shock and horror you find out that they have failed and need to repeat the year. You blow your top. Your child insists that there must be some mistake, because they studied for the finals. But you point to the hard copy of the proof in front of you. They are punished, grounded, no Christmas gifts etc.

This must of been the general feeling amongst many South Africans last year. But the surprises are not finished. After the first day at school your child gets another surprise. The report card that they gave them was the wrong one. In fact your child actually passed.

This actually happened, and with some devastating consequences. We hear from friends who’s children were involved in this debacle. They told us that they know of students who tried to end their lives but taking an overdose of pills. Landing them in hospital for the Christmas season, and having them go to counselling.

All because of incompetent schools and teachers who could not be bothered to check whether they are giving out the correct results. How do you measure such a mistake. What about the emotional stress suffered. Let alone the medical bills of those poor children who saw a need to end their lives. Were some of them actually successful.

I am so glad that we home school. Where I am in control of the education of my child. I get to choose the curriculum for them. Have hands on as to what they are learning. Have experience in their education.

What are your thoughts? What would you have done in this situation? Would you have believed your child? Do you home school? What do you think of home school?

Let us know by dropping us some comments.

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