Saturday, February 7, 2009

Churches hold Darwin conference - What nonsense

A group of churches in Oxford is hosting a conference to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of scientist Charles Darwin. I could not believe this when I read it. Church and evolution, God and Darwin. It is blasphamis

The event seeks commemorate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwins book "the Origin of Species", on the theory of evolution. But hey, I thought the origin of Species is explained in the bible, in Genesis. "In the beginning God Created ..."

Organiser reverend Tim Stead said it wanted to explore the relationship between science and religion. I am not disputing any relationship between science and religion. But when that science is purely circumstantial, at best, theoretical and seeks to do away with God. How can the two meet.

He said evolution was one of the "most influential scientific ideas ever". Well he is totally wrong there. Evolution might be influential, but then so was Hitler and Nazism, but it is not scientific at all.

Reverend Tim Stead said: "It impacts on our entire understanding of the world. I can't believe this trash. Our understanding of the world needs to have the creator of that world as its basis, that being God.

The Reverend, I cringe when I say that, said: "One of our aims in holding this conference is to go some way towards redressing the impression that some of the general public have that Christians are anti-science and anti-Darwin." Hey I am not anti-science. I am anti evolution, anti Darwin. Christianity and evolution cannot co-exist. The one says says God created us all, the entire universe, the other goes totally against God, leaves him out, and says we evolved out of a pool of muck.

"This is a chance to set the record straight and to explore how it is possible for faith to sit alongside Darwins views," he said. What a load of tripe. How can one have faith in God, and sit alongside Darwin. Who's theories totally disregard the Bible and God.

Can a Christian really believe in evolution and call himself a Christian? Its like black and white. You telling me you believe the Bible, and Believe God wrote the Bible, but only up to a point because some nut head thinks he is better than God, knows more than God, and knows how the world began.

I think it is a load of cods wallop.

Friday, February 6, 2009

In God We Trust

If you can't trust God, then who else can you trust. You can't trust your boss. You can't trust your friends, you cant trust your family. You can't even trust your wife or husband. Why? Because at some point they will all let you down. But God has promissed never to leave you nor forsake you.

In this time of economic crisis, we can't even trust our money, bank or possessions. Because at the end of the day, they can all dissapear into thin air. Leaving you high and dry.

I lost my job a few months ago. The debt is just increasing as we are battling to pay the outstanding bills and make ends meat. The bank is way overdrawn to the tune of R50000. Credit cards are bouncing. Everybody wants their money, and I cannot give it to them. When I had money, and did not need a credit card. Every bank was willing to bend over backwards to give me one. Now when I do not have money, no one wants to help. They are now sharks.

If that is not enough, the battery in out citi Golf gave up the ghost. Dead as a brick. To replace the battery, R800. Along with that, no food.

Well what do we do. I am working myself to the bone, trying to get work developing websites. But not easy.

So the only thing to do is trust in the Lord. I have prayed and prayed for Gods help and guidence. Expecting some mirracle to occure. But instead He answers our prayers by blessing others as well.

We went ahead and bought the battery on the credit card. Phew it went through. Then as I got home a lady from our church gave us money towards the battery. Then while visiting some good friends of ours, the wife took my wife out to the shop to buy some groceries for us.

Without asking them or mentioning this to them, our needs are being met. Perhaps not in a way that I might have imagined, but enough to be eternally greatful and thanful, and to realise that God is great, and that He will meat our needs.

So I could not trust my boss, nor my friends, nor my wife. God, and God alone was able to help and meet my needs. My prayer is that you reading this blog, might be blessed as well.

If you have experienced something similar, let us know.